M-Series Tank Washer makes metal spray balls obsolete!

The M-Series tank washer is a breakthrough in CIP tank cleaning. Patented channelled water jet streams in a true 360 degree spray and unique self-cleaning features provide trouble free operation. Powered by the cleaning fluid itself, the M-Series tank washer distributes an even, heavy, stream-like pattern with superior hydraulic water impact. No lubrication is required other than the cleaning fluid itself. There are no motors or bearings to lock-up, corrode or break down. The M-Series is specially designed for the wine, food, beverage, dairy, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Superior Cleaning Action, No Bearings, Lower Cost

Reliable operation and improved hydraulic impact increases cleaning efficiency. With special emphasis on cleaning points of entry, along with a concentrated downward wash-jet for cleaning centralized agitators, the M-series produces a superior cleaning action at low pressures and low flows. Shorter cleaning cycles save water and reduce chemical cleaning costs. The M-Series consists of a shaft/body manufactured in a high grade stainless steel (AISI 316), and a rotor in a molded ACETAL-CoPolymer (FDA approved material). We can special order the small M30 keg washer, and we stock the larger sizes including: For more information, please download the two-page PDF Gould Tank Washers

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“We enjoy working with Gould Stainless. They know what we need and come through when we ask them to. They are a pleasure to work with.”

Jim Belli